Buxie 575 Watt FollowspotZoom

Buxie 575 Watt Followspot

Item# FPR1124004WS
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BUXIE 575 Watt Discharge 10.5 - 22.5 Degree Zoom Followpot w/ Hot Restrike Capability

Supplied with: High Performance Double Condenser Optical System, "A" Size Universal Gobo Holder, 100% Closing Iris, 100% Closing Dimmer, Internal Filter Holder, "Push-Pull" Color Changer, G22 Socket, Electronic Power Supply, Power Cable and Tripod Stand

Electronic power supply, voltage range :90 to 130V and 190 to 265V - 50/60 Hz.Hot restrike built in igniter located in the lantern connected to the P.S.U. by a "Power-Con©" connector

The removable P.S.U. can be fitted onto the yoke (fan cooled)

A 3 meter power cord fitted with 10/16A + T NF/SCHUKO plug for European version

2 meter cable without plug for CSA/UL use.

MSD 575 HR G22 46000Ln. 6000K. 2000h. (Philips) This lamp was selected for its mechanical quality (G22 base), its ablility for hot restrike and its lamp life of 2000 hours

High performance double condenser optical system

100% closing and removable iris

100% closing mechanical dimmer

"A" size gobo holder (Ř100 mm)

6 way color changer, push/pull system.

Lamp: 575 Watt MSD or MSR 575HR Hot Restrike Lamp
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