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Ayrton ICECOLOR 500

Item# Icecolor500
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ICECOLOR 500 has a truly exceptional size to weight to output to power consumption ratio and is fitted with 2 modules each containing 20 x 10 watt RGBW LED light engines. The direction of each module can be adjusted, and they can be filtered and controlled separately to suit a wide range of coverage area.

Equipped with a cutting-edge fanless cooling system and high-performance optics, the ICECOLOR 500 is a versatile projector offering a maximum flux in excess of 10,000 lumens for a power consumption of 400 watts.

Thanks to its high protection index (IP65), the ICECOLOR 500 can be used indoors or outdoors and it has been equipped with a wireless DMX receiver and is delivered in a dedicated flight case.

It has been designed for quick and easy set-up for the most demanding lighting designers and service providers. Monochrome or dual color cyclorama lighting, downstage or upstage lighting, matrix effects, blinding and strobe-light projection in white or colors... the only limitation to the ICECOLOR 500 is your imagination!
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