Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1500Zoom

Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1500

Item# C61320
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Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1500 with Lamp

This fixture is the top washlight in the Alpha range, featuring a 1500 W lamp, enhanced optics and a comprehensive colour generation system. The beam is fully sizeable thanks to the extra-wide 11° - 74° zoom range, clean from centre to edge. Colours are generated through combinable CMY system, 2 colour wheels, with pure dichroic filters, and the special “Golden CTO”, allowing smooth adjustment from 2500K to 6000K. 1500 W Lok-it discharge lamp Power may be set to 1500 or 1200 W 11°- 74° electronic zoom CMY colour system + 2 colour wheels (6+6) + linear “Golden CTO” Indexable and rotating ovalizing filter plus “diamond effect” filter Frost filter 0-100% hybrid dimmer (electronic + mechanical) Three-phase pan/tilt motor for perfectly silent operation High performance electronics and firmware Modular construction for easy maintenance
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