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Ai Media Server - T8 - Pro 1

Item# T8-Pro1
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Avolites Ai Media Server - T8 - Pro 1

The Ai T4 and T8 offer 4 & 8 Display Port / DVI outputs in a solid industry-proven, shock mounted steel chassis. The system is supplied with a fully featured Ai Miami Licence. This allows for 8 discrete fixture groups with 4 layers each, producing a formidable 32 media layers. Furthermore, the Salvation Engine may easily be configured to provide up to 64 layers or PIP’s with a single server!

• Smooth playback of multilayer 4K or 8K* Media using the AiM Codec.

• Up to 4 full 1080p HD outputs (T4) or 8 full 1080p HD outputs (T8).

• 8 fixture groups x 4 layers = 32 media layers.

• Soft-edge blending of multiple projectors.

• Timeline, Timecode Sequencer.

• Support for 3D displays

• Build and create in the 3D Stage Visualiser.

• Remote vertex adjustment.

• Map and warp onto any 3D surface.

• Video map onto any moving scenery.

• Intuitive modular LED support.

• Configure multiple systems as Master Slave.

• Internet and iPad remote control (via VNC).

• Salvation node based engine.

• Also available with 1 x VGA / DVi + 2 x HD / SDI capture inputs

or alternatively 4 x HD / SDI capture inputs.

* to enable playback of 8K Media the SSD upgrade option is needed.
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