8.5" Triangle Truss - 39.3" SectionZoom

8.5" Triangle Truss - 39.3" Section

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F23 Range - 8.5" Triangle Truss - 39.3" Section

Cosmic Truss F23 is a triangular high strength truss system that combines lightweight and high capacity. The triangular construction provides optimum strength and loading capacity for its size, with a standard tube diameter of 35mm (1.37 inch). Section pieces connect together using a conical coupler, which is then secured with a locking pin, and a further safety clip for added security.

Cosmic Truss F23 can be used for a variety of applications, such as exhibition stands, corporate events and live production staging. F23 has a lightweight design making it easy to store and transport. Arcs, circles and a wide variety of corner sections are available as part of the standard range. The F23 range can also be ordered in customized designs, and can be supplied in different colored powder coating finishes. Cosmic Truss products are tested to the stringent TÜV safety


•8.5 ” (220 mm) wide triangular truss

•1.3 ” (35 mm) OD tube

•.31 ” (8 mm) brace
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