400F Broadcast-Grade LED FresnelZoom

400F Broadcast-Grade LED Fresnel

Item# 400FTV
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Philips Strand 400F Broadcast-Grade LED Fresnel

Choice of Daylight or Tungsten.

Choice of Manual or Pole Operation.

The 400F Studio Fresnel Luminaire ships with PowerCON input tail (1 meter), Mounting Yoke with TV Spigot adapter, 4 leaf Barndoor, & instruction sheet.

Broadcast-grade fresnel, providing a world class LED alternative to the traditional tungsten fresnels, reducing the power consumption by approximately 80%.

Equipped with a smart Strand control user-interface, the color LCD display with 8 soft keys and decoder wheel enables intuitive operation. A USB port also allows for future firmware upgrades or performance data file downloads.

The 400F LED TV fresnel consists of both a tungsten and daylight version. It can be pole-operated or manually-operated, with a pole-operated focusing knob at the front and manual knob at the rear.
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