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350W Mercury Projector Lamp

Item# 003-100857-02
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Christie 350W Mercury Lamp for M-Series Projectors

The dual-lamp system provides built-in redundancy the show goes on (with reduced brightness) even if one lamp burns out.

Users can change (hot swap) lamps while the projector is powered on and in use the event/presentation does not have to stop to replace the lamp. Mission critical performances can continue without interruption.

This system offers the flexibility to operate in single- or dual-lamp mode depending on business needs and energy requirements.

The same lamp type fits in both, the lamp 1 and lamp 2 sections of the projector. You do not need to stock multiple lamp types.


Lamp 350W P-VIP

Lamp Life High power: 1500 hrs @ 350W, Low power: 2000 hrs @ 300W

Applies to: Christie DS+10K-M, Christie HD10K-M, Christie WU12K-M, Christie WX10K-M, Mirage DS+10K-M, Mirage HD10K-M, Mirage WU12K-M, Roadster HD10K-M, Roadster S+10K-M, Roadster WU12K-M
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