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24" Vertical Extension

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LTV-24B 24" Vertical Extension for Adding Additional Height to TS Tripod Speaker Stands

How do you turn the best-selling tripod speaker stands in the world into lighting trees? The first step is to make them even taller by adding an LTV-24B to the top of them! An LTV-24B is a 24-inch vertical extension tube that fits on the top of any current TS tripod speaker stand (extra-tall Ultimate Support TS tripod speaker stands are recommended for lighting trees). Then, you can add an LTB-48B t-style lighting crossbar, LTB-24B sidebar-style crossbars, or both, to create a professional, sturdy lighting tree.

LTV-24B Features: •Black scratch resistant anodized finish

•Strong, yet lightweight aluminum tubing

•For use with Ultimate Support LTB-48B or LTB-24B

•Height: 24"

•Weight 1.8 lbs. (.8 kg)
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