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200W Mercury Projector Lamp

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Christie 200W Mercury Projector Lamp

The dual-lamp system provides built-in redundancy – the show goes on (with reduced brightness) even if one lamp burns out.

Users can change (hot swap) lamps while the projector is powered on and in use – the event/presentation does not have to stop to replace the lamp. Mission critical performances can continue without interruption.

This system offers the flexibility to operate in single- or dual-lamp mode depending on business needs and energy requirements.

The same lamp type fits in both, the lamp 1 and lamp 2 sections of the projector. You do not need to stock multiple lamp types.


Lamp •200W P-VIP Lamp

Lamp Life •High Power: 2000 hrs @ 200W, Low Power: 3000 hrs @ 150W

Applies to: Christie DS+6K-M, Christie HD6K-M, Christie WU7K-M, Christie WX7K-M, DLV1400-DL, DLV1920-DL, Mirage DS+6K-M, Mirage HD6K-M, Mirage WU7K-M
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