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ROBIN Spikie
ROBIN Spikie
ROBIN Spikie
Item#: 10071001
List Price: $3,849.00
Sale Price: $3,079.20

Product Description:
Robe ROBIN Spikie

Spikie, a small, super fast LED WashBeam, which utilises a single 60W RGBW light source with a specially designed 110mm wide front lens producing a solid beam. The fixture quickly zooms from a soft wide 28 wash to a tight sharp-edged 4 beam or one of two new stunning air effects.

The new innovative Flower Effect creates sharp multicoloured spikes of light, rotating in both directions at variable speed. Additionally, a unique Beam Effect Engine transforms the output into a dynamic ray of three narrow beams, creating another new visual effect to the show. Continuous rotation of pan and tilt gives new dynamic elements across the stage. Spikie is a very compact 7.3 kg fixture, which can be hung in any position. It is supplied complete with one Omega bracket and is available in cardboard, six-way, eight-way and twelve-way cases.